Sunday, January 18, 2009

Human Resources Management system

Human resources is a term with which many organizations describe the combination of traditionally administrative personnel functions with performance, Employee Relations and resource planning.

The objective of human resources is to maximize the return on investment from the organization's human capital and minimize financial risk. It is the responsibility of human resource managers to conduct these activities in an effective, legal, fair, and consistent manner.

Human resource management serves these key functions:

1. Selection
2. Training and Development
3. Performance Evaluation and Management
4. Promotions
5. Redundancy
6. Industrial and Employee Relations
7. Record keeping of all personal data.
8. Compensation, pensions, bonuses etc in liaison with Payroll
9. Confidential advice to internal 'customers' in relation to problems at work
10. Career development

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Right Way To Get Professional Employees By Resource Datamine

Professional IT staffing services are very hard to find. It is the IT staffing services that let an organization get best professional employees in ones company. Resource Datamine is the right way for your search to get best IT staffing services.

Large companies & recruitment consultancy often have to face critical skill shortfalls, mismatch of supply and demand of employee hires, outsourcing fees, high attrition rate etc. People, processes and technology have become a crucial stepping stone to ensure the success of any organization. It is imperative that organizations hire efficient manpower and tackle and determine what workforce requirements are needed to optimize productivity.

Resource Datamine is one of the best IT staffing service organizations that provide quality solution backed by impeccable services.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Increase Recruitment Efficiency using an Automated Recruitment System

Automated recruitment system helps in improving the efficiency of recruiters and lowers the cost of recruitment for the hiring companies. Most companies follow a system where they maintain names of candidates on a spreadsheet and link these to the resumes which are located centrally somewhere in their documents. If spreadsheets linked with files were an efficient way of dealing with data, why would databases and applications developed around them be used by big and well-known organizations? Spreadsheets are better option where typically the agency owner remembers people by name and manages the small number of resumes. But, automated tracking system is a must to effectively turn it into a profitable business.

An automated candidate tracking system will typically help in creating a central repository of resumes which can be accessed by internet, anywhere and anytime. You do not need an office to be in business! Using a web based recruitment system; you get the resumes straight from candidates / referrals and other sources. All you need to do is to keep mailing them periodically to invite them on your web site. You can further ask your clients to start posting requirements online and ask recruiters to work online. The world is flat. Your recruiters, clients, candidates can really be anywhere. You can keep a watch on the requirements and their status online.

Resource Datamine is an automated recruitment system meant for hiring managers. It can be customized and is available as per the requirements of clients. If clients prefer keeping their data on their server, they can host themselves; else they can go for Software as a service model.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Recruitment Management Software and Applicant Tracking

Recruitment Efficiency is improved during the recruitment process by automating manual processes and significantly reducing printed materials. Online scheduling leads directly to improved coordination between line managers and recruiters (interview scheduling, resume review, hiring). By using Advanced Search Agents, recruiters can immediately identify strong candidates and respond faster than other recruiters or competing employers. Finally, Recruitment Software and Applicant Tracking can be integrated.

It is an online web application that integrates an interactive career center to your corporate website. It is built On

Database: DB2, Oracle, SQL Server
Operating System: Windows 2000 & 2003, Linux, AIX
Middleware: IBM Websphere Application Server, Jboss

Platform that enables you to quickly deploy a fully functional career site customized to your requirement.

It automates the entire hiring process from creating job requisitions to posting job requirements, attracting candidates, qualifying job seekers; resume processing, and final selection.

From easy-to-use online application forms to easy-to-search resume databases, ResourceDatamine can handle your entire candidate tracking. Many companies with complex recruitment requirements have implemented this system to streamline the recruitment cycle. Our applicant tracking system has multiple modules and is customized to meet your needs.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Affordable On Demand Recruitment Software Solutions

Resource Datamine provides reasonable On Demand software solutions for staffing and recruiting companies to run their entire business with one simple, integrated, web-based system software. Resource Datamine’s flagship offering, Staffing, combines email, applicant tracking, CRM, job management, accounting, human resource management, and reporting into the industry's first all-in-one software system. Resource Datamine helps its clients automate processes across all business functions, allowing them to generate more revenues and profits faster and easier while providing unparalleled client service. For more information about Resource Datamine , please visit:

Resource Datamine is the most versatile and integrated staffing software and recruiting software system in the industry. It is the only recruiting solution that combines Applicant Tracking, CRM, Email Accounting, Online Timesheets and Invoices, Human Resource Management, Business Intelligence and more.

With Resourcedatamine's all-in-one recruiting software, you don't need any other system to operate your business. It makes it easy for you to organize, build and strengthen every relationship and allows you to view the relationships between your contacts, candidates, companies and job orders regardless of where you are in the system. It allows you to track, search and place more people in the right jobs, quickly and effortlessly.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Attracting good talent is the requirement of every business, regardless of the size of business. Considering the talent crunch, most organizations have a career website or a section in their corporate website to display the vacancies and allow the candidates to apply online. A smart enterprise can reduce its cost by connecting this with a recruitment automation system without changing its corporate branding, at a fractional cost.

Big enterprises can afford to keep dedicated people for managing their websites, doing regular posts to the career section of website and to make the career section attractive for prospective candidates to apply.

Resource Datamine, a recruitment solution, supports a back end system, offered as a SaaS linked with the career section of the websites. This gives an enormous advantage to the organizations, irrespective of their size. They need no dedicated person for their career section, and job postings done by them as a part of recruitment process are visible on their career section. Prospective candidates can view the details of the job and apply against the positions online. This recruitment tool itself offers great advantages by providing search based on various criteria.

A research based study shows that recruiters spend a lot of time in interacting with candidates, collecting their resumes, formatting them, etc. Resource Datamine saves recruiters' time by at least 40%. It reduces the task of the recruiters by automating emails, collecting resumes in a central repository and providing speedy search on resumes of candidates. Providing a career section powered by Resource Datamine, further improves the efficiency by providing self service modules to candidates.